Automating CpHMD

Published 12 January 2024 in The Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (doi 10.1021/acs.jcim.3c01313):

phbuilder: A tool for efficiently setting up constant pH molecular dynamics simulations in GROMACS

Anton Jansen, Noora Aho, Gerrit Groenhof, Pavel Buslaev*, Berk Hess*

Constant pH molecular dynamics (MD) is a powerful technique that allows the protonation state of residues to change dynamically, thereby enabling the study of pH dependence in a manner that has not been possible before. Recently, a constant pH implementation was incorporated into the GROMACS MD package. Although this implementation provides good accuracy and performance, manual modification and the preparation of simulation input files are required, which can be complicated, tedious, and prone to errors. To simplify and automate the setup process, we present phbuilder, a tool that automatically prepares constant pH MD simulations for GROMACS by modifying the input structure and topology as well as generating the necessary parameter files. phbuilder can prepare constant pH simulations from both initial structures and existing simulation systems, and it also provides functionality for performing titrations and single-site parametrizations of new titratable group types. The tool is freely available at We anticipate that phbuilder will make constant pH simulations easier to set up, thereby making them more accessible to the GROMACS user community.

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*Co-corresponding authors