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Master’s/Bachelor’s Student Research Positions in
Laboratory & Computational Biophysics of Ion Channels

Three types of Research/Degree Projects are currently available in the Integrative Structural Biology team, headed by Professor Erik Lindahl. Under the supervision of Dr. Reba Howard, students will focus on laboratory or computational biophysics approaches to investigate the structure and function of proteins involved in cellular regulation and signaling, particularly the activation and modulation of ion channels.

Project 1—Simulating Ion Channel Gating and Modulation
Harness recent structure-function data to simulate and analyze ion channel models, using molecular dynamics and docking to probe structural changes, drug binding, and novel mutations.

Project 2—Electrophysiology of Novel Receptor Variants
Express and characterize ion channel proteins in Xenopus oocytes, using molecular biology and voltage-clamp recordings to quantify expression, gating, and modulation towards structure determination and drug development.

Project 3—Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Membrane Proteins
Optimize sample preparation, data collection, and image analysis to elucidate the atomic structure of technically challenging macromolecules, focusing on biochemistry or software methods in cryo-electron microscopy.

Applicants should have some theoretical and/or laboratory preparation in biophysics, biochemistry, or related fields at the Bachelor’s or Master’s levels, and an enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research and communication. Contact for further details.