Berk Hess

Professor of Biophysics
Department of Applied Physics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology



Berk graduated for the university in Groningen in the Netherlands in 2002, where he did his PhD under the supervision of Herman Berendsen. After a post-doc at the Max-Planck institute for polymer research in Mainz (Germany), he moved to Stockholm University in 2009. Since 2011 he is employed at KTH.

The center theme in his research is understanding how interactions at the molecular scale affect events at larger scale, both in macromolecules, such as proteins, as well as in wetting. A large part of his research focuses on methods for accelerating sampling, through general, parallel molecular dynamics method improvement as well as accelerated sampling of conformational transitions. All methods are freely available through the GROMACS molecular simulation package, of which Berk is a main developer since more than two decades.



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