Anton Jansen

PhD Student, Biophysics
Department of Applied Physics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology


So far, my project has revolved around implementing a constant-pH molecular dynamics (cpHMD) algorithm in the GROMACS molecular dynamics package. This is an ongoing collaboration between the Groenhof group at the university of Jyväskylä and the Hess group at KTH in Stockholm. Specifically, I have been developing a tool that allows for simple generation of input parameters for cpHMD simulations, as well as applying our novel cpHMD implementation to study proton-dependent conformational states of the ion channel GLIC (in collaboration with the Lindahl group at KTH). Supervisor: prof. Berk Hess.




  • MSc. Physics (cum laude), University of Groningen (2020)
  • Honours College (additional courses and workshops, focusing on leadership and self-development), University of Groningen (2019)
  • BSc. Physics (major in theoretical and experimental physics, minor in entrepreneurship), University of Groningen (2017)