Transporter Dynamics

We use molecular dynamics to characterize sugar transport proteins in collaboration with the Drew lab at Stockholm University. Using our computational tools in collaboration with biochemistry experiments, we aim to explore what governs substrate recognition and the subsequent conformational changes these proteins undergo to move sugar across the lipid bilayer. We are furthermore interested in how the surrounding lipid environment, as well as various drugs or inhibitors can influence this exchange.

We also use bioinformatical methods to explore the evolution of sugar transporters and the evolutionary basis of the alternating access mechanism that these proteins employ.


Recent publications

The molecular basis for sugar import in malaria parasites. AA Qureshi, A Suades, R Matsuoka, J Brock, SE McComas, E Nji, L Orellana, M Claesson, L Delemotte and D Drew. Nature, 578, 321–325

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