Annie Westerlund

PhD Student
Department of Applied Physics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology




Annie has a background in engineering mathematics and complex adaptive systems. After graduating from Chalmers, she worked with localization of autonomous cars. She joined the Delemotte lab in 2016, starting her PhD in computational biophysics. By developing and applying data analysis methods, she is aiming to understand protein conformational dynamics, ion channel gating and allosteric pathways. Off work, Annie enjoys playing guitar and singing.


  • Licentiate Degree in Biological Physics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (2018)
  • Master of Science in Engineering (Engineering Mathematics), Chalmers University of Technology (2015)
  • Master of Science in Complex Adaptive Systems, Chalmers University of Technology (2015)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering mathematics, Chalmers University of Technology (2013)