Laura Orellana

Researcher (Förskare)




My research focuses in the relationship between the structure, the dynamics and the function of proteins, and how this interplay is perturbed causing disease. I have a interdisciplinary background in Medicine, Biochemistry and Physics. I studied Medicine and Biochemistry (minor in Physics) at the University of Barcelona and the Clinic Hospital, followed by two master degrees, in Protein Structure and Function and in Biophysics. I did my PhD in Biophysics (2014) at the Joint Program in Computational Biology between the Institute for Research in Biomedicine and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. I develop coarse-grained methods such as Elastic Network Models and Langevin Dynamics, and combine them with Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations and structural ensemble analysis to understand protein dynamics and function, and specially, the impact of oncogenic mutations. I will join Karolinska Institute to start my own research group as Assistant Professor Position next Fall 2020.

Publications (*corresponding):

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PhD Thesis: Orellana L. “Protein Dynamics studied by coarse-grained and atomistic theoretical approaches” University of Barcelona, Department of Fundamental Physics (2014) [download]